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What is a Giclee Print?


Attention to detail is important so it only made sense to bring printing in as a service at Palmetto Portrait Studio.   All prints are on high quality art papers to ensure they last for generations without fading or yellowing and come with a lifetime warranty.   We use a variety of papers from 100% cotton rag to high quality gloss that will surely make your stand out from other printing.

The image is resized to optimize printing at a minimum of 360 dots per inch for superior detail and can be printed up to 16x32 inches!   Archival pigment based inks is another key to Giclee printing as they survive over time without fading as will happen with dye-based inks found in most printers.   

Getting prints on your wall is our goal and even if you have images from another photography studio and have printing rights we will be glad to provide a quality print that is far superior to on line print shops.   Prints framed in house also receive a discount!

Preserve your image with Archival Framing

Giclee print is worth preserving in the right frame so we offer only acid free material that will not yellow or brown over time.   Although 100% cotton rag mat is recommended we also offer a variety of decorative mats that are wood fiber based but are acid free so they carry the same warranty against any discoloration.  Whether you choose Conservation Clear or Museum Glass you can rest assured that the image is protected from UV light.  

We offer a variety of different frame choices and handle framing in house in order to best celebrate the print.  I take a great deal of pride in any image I create or even simply print from another photographer and want to see it celebrated in a nice archival frame.  The only way to make sure I could offer a lifetime warranty is to take responsibility for the quality and offer a one stop shop from concept to wall.   

Please bring me the images you have tucked away that are not framed or printed and get them on the wall where they belong!


Printing options


The choice of paper for your images is important and will depend on things such as the style of photograph and desired style of the final framed product.   There is no incorrect answer when it comes to personal preference so we keep several styles of paper in stock.   The image on the left is printed on the Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 from Red River Paper which is one of my personal favorites for portraits and wildlife photographs however fine art images and detailed Black and White photographs often get 100% cotton rag paper from companies that include Epson, Hahnemuehle, and Red River.   These papers are all considerably thicker than most and prints will always have borders which, especially on larger prints, allows a gap between the image and the matting that gives that extra bit of class to the finished project.  

One of the many benefits to fine art papers is they do not yellow over time and are much less likely to warp when properly framed.   The elegance of a quality print is unmistakeable and available in a variety of custom sizes.

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