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Some of the most fun shoots I have ever done are bridal portraits.  Ok, call it what it is, the ultimate in playing dress up but  whether you bring friends, family, the dog, or just make it a quiet session before a destination wedding it is worth taking a little time to do it right.  It is also just plain fun... you get to play dress up, get some close friends, and run around your favorite spots in your wedding dress while total strangers complement, congratulate, and ask for a picture with "the new bride".   If you want to avoid the people there are plenty of beautiful settings remote from the adoring public and perhaps more creative.  These bridal portrait sessions give you the opportunity to be as creative as you like without worrying about the schedule of the wedding day.    You get to choose the location and the people to join you.  The more creative we can make your bridal portraits the better but I do like to avoid trends.  I have my own style and can adapt to brighter, darker, or any mood but tend to work to find what suits you best for the setting at hand.  I want your portrait to be something you will proudly display for years to come.