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Trey Hopkins - Charleston Photographer

After taking a long break from photography I have found my way back to art as a career.   Photography has always been a part of my life and in 2016 with the support of my amazing wife I was able to create Palmetto Portrait Studio in Charleston, SC.   As a native Charlestonian and former tour guide I offer a variety of settings for your family pictures as well as local Charleston art for your home or office.   Folly Beach is a favorite place however Kiawah, Seabrook, and Botany Bay also provide amazing settings for Beach Portraits.   Charleston also provides so many historic buildings and parks that finding the right setting for your family is never a problem and if you prefer in studio we can accommodate.   The reality is I prefer taking my studio lighting out into the world to provide a fine art look in natural settings.   We can do "natural light" photography but the ability to use additional light brings portraiture to a new level that you will cherish for years to come.

Printing Services

After realizing how many were frustrated with cheap printing from drugstores and big box stores I took on learning the craft of Giclee printing which uses fine art papers and pigment based inks.   This is far superior and an art form all in itself.    There is a satisfaction deprived in being able to edit an image specifically for the print which has amazing power.   At Palmetto Portrait Studio we expect our clients to want higher quality images on their wall that will last long after the social media pic has long been washed away in the sea of social media.   Truth is if you are spending money to hire a professional then why not follow through with art for your home!?  

Framing Services

In the same spirit of taking control of the entire product such as what got me into printing, framing was the next logical step.   After realizing framers are more expensive than photographers I wanted to offer my clients a reasonable price point for quality framing of their family pictures.   All framed images carry a lifetime warranty and will stand out beautifully in any room of your home.   

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